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Wangara Steel & Trailers manufactures a wide range of high quality, custom design trailers. We specialise in off-road equipment, mine spec trailers, prospecting trailers, support equipment trailers, off-road camper trailers, specialise boat trailers, mower trailers, garden service, pool care and other trailers.

Focusing on purpose fabrication, we manufacture tailor made equipment for aircraft maintenance hangars such as wing stands and other related equipment.

For the tradesman, we manufacture trades bodies for trailers and vehicles.

Servicing the agricultural industry, Wangara Steel & Trailers manufactures a wide range of specially designed nursery trollies, farms trailers and specialised equipment for the farming community.

Wangara Steel & Trailers has a full steel fabrication facility for light, medium and heavy steel products manufacture, sheet metal, welding steel, stainless and aluminium.

We offer a service and repair facility for all types of trailers.

Statewide Boating services and repairs all brands of outboard motors, 2-stroke and 4-stroke.

Repairs and modification to fibreglass and aluminium boats are carried out at our Ledge Point facility.

Statewide Boating refurbishes boats, such as re-carpeting, floor repairs, transom repairs and refits. We supply and install new electronic equipment.

Our stock includes a full selection of safety euqipment and accessories, lubricants and a variety of spare parts.

Statewide Boating specialises in rebuilding of 2-stroke outboard motors and offers expert advise and modifications on performance enhancementof 2-strokes.

Our facility caters for repairs, servicing and modification to all boat trailers.

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